Newfleet Market Review and Outlook

The Multi-Sector Team reviews the fourth quarter sector-by-sector.

Newfleet Tax-Exempt Market Review and Outlook

The Municipal Bond Team discusses technical conditions, performance, and tax reform.
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Newfleet is a Hartford, Connecticut-based multi-sector fixed income manager that actively rotates across up to 14 sectors of the bond market.

Identifying relative value is the foundation of our process, applied across all multi-sector and dedicated strategies at the sector, industry, and individual security levels. Sector specialists and credit analysts perform in-depth fundamental research to uncover what we believe represents attractive relative value.

Our Strengths

Continuity and longevity

Key members of our team and essential aspects of our process have been in place for more than 20 years.

Experience and discipline

Many years of collective experience provide an overlay of sound judgment on disciplined and systematic processes.

Collaborative and team-based culture

Our sector specialists are able to make highly informed investment decisions by utilizing the research and ideas of their colleagues.

Advantageous size

Our assets are large enough to maintain strong relationships with Wall Street, but small enough to be nimble in our trades and able to participate in a wide range of opportunities.

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For more information about our people, process, and strategies, please contact:

William A. Irvine
Institutional Business Development
Newfleet Asset Management
T: 860.760.5832 | C: 781.329.9283