California Municipal Bond Strategy


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California Municipal Bond Strategy

This strategy seeks current income free from federal and state income taxes by investing in municipal bonds issued in the state of California. The management team focuses on investment grade California tax-exempt municipal bonds, gauging the value of a security by issue type, credit quality, and bond structure.

Strategy Risk

Debt securities are subject to various risks, the most prominent of which are credit and interest rate risk. The issuer of a security may fail to make payments in a timely manner. Values of debt securities may rise and fall in response to changes in interest rates. This risk may be elevated with longer-term maturities.

A fund that focuses its investments in a particular geographic location will be highly sensitive to financial, economic, political, and other developments affecting the fiscal stability of that location.

Events negatively impacting a municipal security, or the municipal bond market in general, may cause the fund to decrease in value.

A portion of income may be subject to some state and/or local taxes and, for certain investors, a portion may be subject to the federal alternative minimum tax.

Portfolio Team

Tim Heaney
Tim Heaney 

Industry Start Date: 1990

Lisa H. Leonard 

Industry Start Date: 1986

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