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Newfleet Asset Management, LLC is a dynamic provider of fixed income investments.  Our talented and experienced team is committed to delivering a comprehensive array of portfolios, and together, we work with our clients and partners to build portfolios that meet investor needs in an ever-changing market. 

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Inflows of $2B to HY funds and $1.7B to loan funds this week as investors position for rising rates and accelerated US growth post-election

RT @virtus: Interesting reading: Newfleet CIO Dave Albrycht on what Trump’s election may mean for fixed income markets. https://t.co/BKKrGz…

Duration risk mounts post-election as rates surge. Yesterday - IG Corps -1.3%, Agg -0.98%, UST -1.14%. Meanwhile - Loans -0.05%, HY -0.20%

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